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Adrenalin Health has been at the forefront of fitness and personal training for over 25 years. We currently service clients in Hawthorn, Kew and Camberwell from our central location in Burwood Road, Hawthorn.


Adrenalin Health uses a clinical approach to both personal and group training.

Our trainers specialise in:

  • weight management/loss
  • postural and corrective exercise
  • functional resistance training
  • injury management
  • general fitness improvement/maintenance

With a relaxed, non-threatening environment, Adrenalin Health aims to educate and train clients to find a balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the stresses of modern living.

our testimonials

  • The staff are what makes the gym. Friendly and helpful tailoring individual sessions to match your goals and with a good range of group classes available too.

    Kyle W
  • I started with Niall as my personal trainer about 18 months ago, needing to rehab significant injuries to my ankle, knee & hip. Started with full assessment of leg & hip capabilities… discussed goals & begun a progressive program to improve strength, flexibility & joint movement. Surpassed my goals 6 months ago & have continued to work on balancing load.

    My rehab/training program has turned into a part of my life I fully enjoy & look forward too. Niall has been fantastic… fully engaged in training needs, listens/discusses life while maintaining focus.

    Trevor C
  • All of the trainers are extremely friendly and supportive, regardless of whether they work with you directly or not. They genuinely want to help you improve your health and wellbeing, and are especially good when it comes to rehabilitation and preventing recurrence of injuries. I’m especially appreciative of how accommodating they are when life gets busy and you need to change your training times- you would be hard pressed to find that flexibility elsewhere.

    Lauren McC
  • Practically my whole adult life I’ve belonged to one gym or another. So I’ve seen the inside of a few! They come in various shapes and sizes and usually try to cater to the widest number of people. Before coming to Adrenalin I was exercising in a fairly large gym, following my own program without supervision. But I was losing motivation and interest. So I decided to look into personal training, because in my youth I’d been involved in competitive sport, always under a coach, and I knew the benefits of having someone instructing and encouraging you.
    I’ve been exercising at Adrenalin now for four years and enjoy it for several reasons. Adrenalin has a completely different feel. Having someone who’s really knowledgeable about physiology looking after your exercise program is important. The Adrenalin team knows their business. You don’t just get a cut and paste program, but one that’s tailored to your condition and the muscle groups you need to have working for you to support the way you live.

    Not only do the team at Adrenalin give you high quality personal training, but they also take a genuine interest in you and your progress. They show real care in the way they go about their work. I have to give them a gold star for their customer service. If you’re really serious about getting into shape and don’t have a lot of time in your week, Adrenalin could be the place for you.*

    Dirk J
  • Over the past 12 months my son James and I have been attending regular exercise sessions at Adrenalin Health Club on a weekly basis to improve our level of fitness, strength and posture. With the assistance and continued support of our personal instructor we worked steadily through a range of correctional cardio and weight resistance exercises to achieve our goals, and are now enjoying a vastly improved state of health and wellbeing. We appreciated the pleasant, caring and welcoming environment that the Adrenalin Health Club provided, and will always be grateful for the knowledge acquired and the level of fitness achieved through their individually tailored health program.*

    Caroline F
  • I have been a member of Adrenalin Health Club for just over six years now, and I cannot praise the staff and facilities highly enough. While only a small concern, it surpasses many larger enterprises that seek to impress with smart surroundings, greater staffing numbers, and high-end technology. If a cheerful, easy-going atmosphere, friendly repartee and a professional approach to client requirements are what counts, then Adrenalin has it in spades.*

    Andrew T
  • Two and half years ago the doctor told me to lose weight and get healthy and suggested/ordered me to join a gym. I said the only way that was going to happen was if I found somewhere where I wasn’t going to look ridiculous… an overweight middle-aged man in amongst the lycra clad bodies. Thankfully I found Adrenalin, a small well-equipped gym in Hawthorn. The environment is friendly and welcoming; the personal trainers are professional and experienced. They tailored my sessions to my abilities and gave me the motivation to get healthy. If you are looking for a small, professional, and friendly place to train, you couldn’t do better than Adrenalin. Oh and by the way I’ve lost over 25kgs.*

    Greg W
  • I joined Adrenalin Health over a year ago and it was a great decision. Having wasted gym memberships in the past, I find the small size , and the relaxed and encouraging nature of the gym keeps me coming back every week. Each of the trainer’s take a personal interest in you & do everything they can to assist you in achieving your fitness & health goals. I couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere and a more friendly bunch of people to help me get to the best I can be. Highly recommend.*

    Imogen R
  • A fantastic health club to be a part of. Its small and incredibly friendly. The trainers are great – in particular Amy and Tim B. They keep things fun and help motivate you to get the most of our membership here. Highly recommend a visit to Adrenalin!*

    Nadine R
  • Adrenalin is a great health club with excellent staff who are also available to help and are very knowledgeable. The small group classes are great for fitness and my personal trainer Tim B keeps me motivated and tailors my sessions to my fitness needs. I will definitely be a long-term member of Adrenalin.*

    Keira V
  • Approx. 2 years ago I decided it was time for me to change my sedentary lifestyle, like many people I work long hours sitting in front of a computer and found I was getting pain in my lower back. Over the years I have been to many different types of gyms from unisex to ladies but all I ended up doing was wasting my money paying membership fees but not actually attending the gym to workout. I decided to give personal training a go perhaps if I have an appointment with someone there is more chance of me turning up. After researching the different options and companies I settled on Adrenalin Health Club and this was the best thing I have ever done with regards to my fitness. The staff at Adrenalin are very friendly and helpful they understand your needs and structure your training to achieve the results you desire. I am fitter and healthy than I have ever been and no longer suffer from any lower back pain. During my time at Adrenalin I have been training with Tim and couldn’t be happier (although I might not say that first thing in the morning). Tim is always mixing my training up which keeps it really interesting! Although I wasn’t exactly overweight I have still lost 5kgs and many inches off my entire body I no longer feel self-conscious and can wear a tank top/bikini in summer to show off my sculpted arms, back and tummy. Adrenalin Health Club now has me training because I want to not because I have to.*

    Kate F
  • I’ve been going to Adrenalin Health for about 18 months now and I’m still loving it! The team is just fantastic, they are always up for a laugh and they’re great motivators, in particular, my trainer Ashley. He keeps me motivated and on track (which is a job on its own) while making my workouts fun. I broke a few vertebrae a number of years back and have suffered from chronic back pain ever since. Since seeing Ashley I am no longer suffering from any back pain, plus, I look better, feel better and am fitter than I have ever been. I’m working out 5 days a week now and still really enjoying it…thanks Ash and the team at Adrenalin Health Hawthorn, you guys ROCK!!!*

    Michael K
  • Excellent gym! The trainers are great and create varied workouts to suit your personal needs. Great friendly environment with lots of different equipment. Working with Tim as my trainer is always fun and he knows exactly how to motivate his clients. Highly recommended him and all the trainers.*

    Mil J.
  • Great team of people who help you achieve your goals, training you and giving you that extra motivation to encourage you to push that little further than you would otherwise do.

    Always friendly and take an interest in what you are doing as well as helping you get through an injury.*

    Joseph P.

*Disclaimer: Please note that results may vary from person to person.