Adrenalin Health is a training studio specifically designed to create a relaxed, non-threatening friendly environment. The studio suits those who are intimidated by big gyms or who have found other fitness centres don’t give them the attention they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. We believe that you need to be comfortable in your training environment to achieve results and we strive to provide a happy, safe and supportive studio for our clients.

With statistics show that less than 5% of Victorians engage in supervised exercise programs, whilst more than 50% of these people will give up within the first five weeks. By having a weekly appointment with a caring, dedicated trainer, clients are more likely to adhere to an exercise program, more likely to maintain healthy eating habits, and more likely to obtain results faster than those trying to do it all on their own.

At Adrenalin Health training studio we cater for a wide range of clients. Young (some children as young as 12), older (we have a number of clients in their 70’s), busy middle aged executives and even busier mums managing school drop offs. These clients have a variety of goals and injuries that our trainers manage and ultimately assist the client to achieve success.

To achieve this success clients undertake  personal training and or group training sessions and  may also undergo goal setting, nutritional analysis, postural analysis, soft tissue treatment and in some cases referral to our network of health practitioners.

Our personal training sessions involve one, or a combination of, our three key areas:

  • functional resistance training;
  • cardio-vascular fitness and endurance; and
  • corrective exercise

We understand that some people may find personal training out of reach, so we have a number of cost effective group training and membership programs that may suit those on a budget.