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What happens now when you ‘contact us’?

Step 1

Take a deep breath… This is the first step to a new you.


Step 2

We will give you a call and make a time to see one of our senior trainers (Once you have made a time, you may like to get a letter from you GP or physical therapist if necessary)


Step 3

Come in for your initial consultation and training session. This will include an initial exercise evaluation, an assessment of your objectives, a sample training session and some possible solutions to achieving your goals.


Step 4

If you are happy with a particular solution, then it is time to start. You will be booked in for a further health consultation, where we get a little more specific health related information, and your first personal training session (This is the first time you will need to part with some money)


Step 5

Time to have fun and enjoy all the benefits that come with being an Adrenalin Health client. Better still, you will look forward to seeing a fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier you!


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