Learn more about Adrenalin Health with the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions(FAQs);


“How qualified are your trainers?”

All members of the Adrenalin team have a minimum Cert 4 in fitness, however most trainers have more than one qualifications including exercise physiology, sports science, massage, boxing etc… They have undergone a number of professional development courses and survived an intense induction program developed by Adrenalin Health to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to successfully manage clients.


“Is Adrenalin Health just for fit, coordinated people?”

Not at all! We understand everyone has different fitness levels and capabilities, particularly in the early stages of starting a training program; in fact, the biggest improvements to be made initially are skill developments and improving the way the body works and your ability to use it.


“What should I wear?”

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Some of our clients wear gym/active wear, others wear their oldest clothes, just as long as you can move around comfortably in it. We do recommend supportive athletic shoes, just to be safe.


“Do you have showers?” 

Yes, and we even provide a towel!


“What else should I bring?”

We have lockable lockers and pigeon holes to place your valuables in if needed.

We have a water cooler and glasses to use if you forget your water bottle and we provide towels and bath towels so there is no need to bring your own. Boxing gloves and inners are also provided although if you prefer to bring your own, we understand. So really, there is nothing you need to bring, just yourself.


“How many people are in your classes?”

Our small group training has an average of 2-4 attendees, with a maximum of 6 per class. This allows the instructor to provide greater attention to detail and focus on our client’s technique, and get the most out of their training.


“How often does the group timetable change?”

We like to keep our timetable fresh, so we look at making slight changes as the season changes. More people want to run in spring than they do in winter!

We speak to our members and see what they would like to try/do, as well as what should stay, so we like to think our schedule is member driven.


“How much is it? Do you offer memberships?”

We have a range of options, including some great intro offers to get you started, click here to see our current promotion…

You can pre purchase packs, or alternatively, we offer a direct debit option (with at a slightly discounted rate), If you are committing to training more than twice per week, a membership would be the best value. We can tailor your costs to your specific goals and budget. This is one of the major benefits of being an independent, local small business, not a franchise.


“Can you pay for a one off class?”

We believe you need to be comfortable in the place you train, so one visit or single class can give you a small insight into what we are about, but we would like to give you a bigger opportunity to experience our unique fitness style.

Our introductory offers are a great way to get the feel for us with no long term obligation, and also gives us the opportunity to show you who we are, what we do and how we do it. You have a reason for looking at Adrenalin Health for your fitness needs, let us show you how we can help to you achieve them.


“Do I need to book online?”

Not compulsory, however we do encourage you to book online if the class starts to get regularly quite full. We try to be accommodating as best we can, but sometimes there just isn’t enough room.


“What if I’m running late?”

As each class runs for 30 minutes, we say 5 minutes would be the latest to enter a class, as we want to guarantee you’ll achieve a work out in the timeframe. We do provide 20 and 40 minute workouts on our upstairs whiteboard for you to try, changing them from month to month so there is always a new challenge just around the corner.


“Is there car parking available?”

Yes we have a car park for our members; access is off Glenferrie Road as well as Burwood Road via Luton Lane.