Weight Management

With a combination of personal training, goal setting, nutritional analysis, nutritional advice, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, plus unlimited access to cardio-vascular exercise, we give you the tools and confidence to manage your weight. If you are in need of a more advanced approach we can refer you for more specialised advice with a Naturopath or Dietician.

Club Membership

Many of our clients like to do additional fitness work in our cardio area, whilst some of our clients just like to use the gym facilities and join in the group training classes. This is where our boutique facility differs from many as it still has the capacity to service a limited number of non-personal training members with over 13 pieces of electronic cardio-vascular equipment and fully equipped weight training room.

Musculo-skeletal Therapy

As part of our corrective exercise program we often see clients with postural issues related to tight muscles. Often the best way to improve these issues is through referral to a massage or Myotherapist. To make things easy we now have our own on-site program operating from our treatment room. A great advantage of our musculo-skeletal program is our therapists can liase directly with your current trainer or if necessary conduct some specialist corrective training sessions as part of your ongoing injury management.

Allied Health Referral

When musculo-skeletal therapy and corrective exercise is not enough, we have an extensive network of Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists, Naturopaths, Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists, with whom we work to get your body functioning right!

Clinical Services

For those who have serious obesity and other metabolic disorders Adrenalin Health has a clinical health service. This service uses nutrition and supplementation to help those for who exercise and basic nutrition are not enough.

External Groups

Adrenalin Health staff can come to you! We have a number of external services that may be useful to your business, school or sporting club including; motivational speakers and workshops
, boot-camp sessions or programs, educational seminars on health, fitness and nutrition/weight management, sports coaching, group training sessions, corporate health and wellness seminars.