Group Training 

As part of our extensive results based personal training solutions we offer clients the chance to join our group training program. These sessions are designed to assist our members and clients achieve results through improving exercise adherence, education and getting our clients to meet like-minded people. The sessions also provide a cost effective option for those who choose not to see a trainer every time they exercise. These include Pilates and corrective exercise, cardio-vascular fitness and resistance training, and are available Monday to Saturday.

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(Please note Group Training Classes do not run Christmas to Australia Day)


Group Training Descriptions

Utilising traditional electronic cardio-vascular equipment session will burn maximum calories and improve your cardio-vascular fitness. So if you are finding it tough to do your minimum of 100 minutes of cardio per week on your own, get motivated in a group setting by one of our trainers.


Mature Movers
A workout for mature adults, comprising functional corrective, strengthening and flexibility exercises contextualised to each individual to improve movement and functional capacity. No loud music, nobody yelling at you to ‘give me three more!’… Just an age specific workout for those of a certain vintage…


Weight Training
This is a classic full body Adrenalin resistance training session completed under the supervision of a trainer. Perfect for those who need an extra weight training session in their weekly program.


A training session designed to improve posture and decrease the likelihood of injury. This session includes Pilates and corrective exercises for all of the key postural muscles including the deep abdominal wall, glutes and hip stabilisers, the upper back and shoulder stabilisers. It also includes some joint mobilisation and stretching exercises for muscles that are traditionally short and tight due to modern lifestyle factors.


Functional high intensity training in 30 minutes, guaranteed to get your heart rate up, F30 is a class for those not only looking to use a bit more energy, but to hit peaks they didn’t know they could reach.
Utilising functional movements with increasing loads, coupled with the best of cardio, F30 will leave you saying ‘It’s hard, but I LOVE IT’.



Just what you would think, put the gloves on and box away the stresses of the day. Available to beginners and advanced.